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Welcome to the official Aixro Australian website. 
Aixro Australia is associated with Makotrac International Racetrack which is a state of the art motorsport facility situated 60 km west of Cairns, Queensland. Since 2002, Makotrac were one of the first in the world to incorporate the Aixro XR 50 within their hire kart fleet, or race kart available to the public. Qualified driver's under an experienced instructor are able to hire and taste the future of go karting.  Click here to go to Makotrac's website.
At the same time we have serviced and helped hobby karter's wanting something powerful and unique, Wankel Rotary Power. Our experience and partnership with Paul Woelfe Engineering, Aixro XR 50 based in Germany is close to a decade. A strong foundational partnership is what we believe is important for customers. We also believe that the Aixro XR 50 still hasn't seen its full potential on the karting scene as yet.  This is possibly that the Rotary engine is complex, different to the normal 2 - Stroke mentally. However the low maintenance, high performance, low weight and low emissions always out way many arguments against the Aixro engine. Why should that stop you enjoying a proven race engine that is also of great value. Speak to us today and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. 
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